ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – We’re five days away from election day and candidates are making the push to reach every last voter. As part of a five-day bus tour, the DFL hosted a Get Out The Vote tour with candidates.

The tour bus stopped at the crowded DFL Action Center in Rochester.

Amy Klobuchar, Dan Feehan, Tim Walz, Peggy Flanagan and Tina Smith were among the DFL leaders on the tour.

On November 6, Minnesotans will decide who controls state government and the constitutional offices, as well as offices at the national level.

“There are people that seek power, and there are people that seek responsibility. If you are seeking the power, if power is what you are after it’s pretty simple,” said Congressional candidate Dan Feehan. “Divide people, make people afraid, and that message is out there right now.”

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