A new ad from a Republican-backed super PAC has a scary message about Democrat Dan Feehan for voters in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District:

“Gang members and criminals” are marching toward the U.S. southern border in a caravan with thousands of potential immigrants from Central America — and if Feehan were elected, he just might let everyone in.

The ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund, hoping to keep a Republican majority in the U.S. House, juxtaposes the march-toward-the-border footage with a question:

“Who is tough enough to secure our border? Not Dan Feehan. In Washington, Feehan would vote with Pelosi for open borders and amnesty, putting Minnesota families at risk.”

But nothing in his positions suggests he supports open borders and total amnesty. There is a lot of either-or posturing in politics, and this is no different, but the CLF’s extreme framing of Feehan’s positions calls for a harsh ruling: False.

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